Table of contents

Release Notes

  1. Cleanup, Focus on Base Functionality
  1. Starting Opera Extension
  2. Large Refactoring into modules
  1. Tabsets can be shared publicly (free account needed)
  2. Open Tabs Improvements
  3. Fix for Advanced Tab Management on Firefox
  4. Testing RSS integration
  5. Some Progress on Sync Feature
  1. fixed bug when adding comments
  2. Stats overview
  3. Improved Windows Management, second iteration
  4. Starting sync features (not yet active though)
  5. Improved Dark Mode
  6. Using Manifest v3 for Firefox now
  7. Starting translations
  1. Improved Windows Management
  2. Website Annotations (experimental)
  3. Sharing Tabsets (experimental)
  4. Syncing via Git Repository (experimental)
  1. Testing for canvas visualization (see screenshot below)
  2. Advanced Windows Management: reopened Windows keep their sizes and positions
  3. Experimental: Monitor website changes
Canvas visualization (work in progress)
Canvas visualization (work in progress)
  1. Support for Google Chrome Groups (experimental)
  2. Started Support for Microsoft Edge
  3. Tab History with Shortcuts: Go Back One Tab, Go Forward One Tab
  4. Search with Shortcut (Command + K)
  5. Revisited Open Tabs view: Added Filtering