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Why Tabsets

Keeping track of whatever you've found on the internet is hard - but Tabsets helps you with that.

Here's a short list of what makes Tabsets special:

Contrary to many popular tab and bookmark managers, by default does not store your data in the cloud - your data stays on your machine, in your browser and is not transmitted anywhere.

Nevertheless, it will become possible to sync your data between machines and even different browsers with the next releases. Naturally, you'll need an account for that, and your data will be stored elsewhere than your local machine. 

There are many ways to get organized, not just the plain old hierarchical approach of traditional bookmarks: Use Colors, Tags, Spaces, Window associations, and dedicated views (top 10, newest tabs, tabs by domain, ...)

You can search your tabs - not only in the URL, but also in the title, description, and even content!

Tabsets will appear in your browser's side bar (or panel) if supported. Like this, it will not interfere with your main focus or distract you from your main task.

tabsets in the side panel of your browser
tabsets in the side panel of your browser

You can check out the source code and participate in the development here